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Sandstrand med handdukar och badande gäster i vattnet


Nynäshamn = salt-sprinkled bath. The sea is always close and you can take a cooling dip with simplicity. There are also opportunities to discover freshwater in the form of lakes, a bathhouse and Nynäs Havsbad Spa facility. Here are some of our favourites!


Skvallerhamn  (the east side of the island Järflotta)

The cliffs are dramatically magnificent and the sea is rarely really quiet out here. But those days in the high summer when the high pressure is stable and the stack clouds is landed over land there is no better bathing place than the rocks on the outside of Skvallerhamn. Own boat is required.

Drottningviken (Strandvägen, in popular terms named "Ringvägen")

Drottningviken (Queen´s bay) is the most beautiful with archipelago connection connection that can be displayed on the mainland. Here the cliffs are beautifully rounded and you can easily find your own spot to sunbathe. The water is not the municipality's warmest, but the unbroken horizon usually shines over this fact. Strandvägen/Ringvägen is a popular hiking trail for the inhabitants of Nynäshamn. And it is on foot, on inlines or by bike you will best experience the nature.

Rassa vikar (Käringboda)

The water is always hottest in Rassa. The shallow, flat bays are ideal for those who like hot baths. Here the water is protected from wind and waves, which means that the temperature during the summer time often is at least three degrees higher than outside. A bonus are the high cliffs from which it is great to jump from. Own boat or own car is required to get here.

Picklahej (Sandskär på sjökortet)

Outer archipelago or interior archipelago, rocky or sandy beaches? Choose the one that suits you best at Picklahej, or Sandskär, as this island is named on the sea chart. There is the possibility to wander in the sea to the neighbouring island Järflotta and this is one of the things that makes this island a crown jewel amongst the islands. Own boat is required to get here.

Nickstabadet (DOWNTOWN Nynäshamn)

If you're going to play hard and want someone to see you when you're bathing and sunbathing and making high dives from the 10-meter level on the hop tower, head to Nickstabadet in Nynäshamn, just a few steps from the commuter train stops Gröndalsviken and Nynäsgård. This is Nynäshamn's response to Copacabana, Venice and Waikiki Beach. Here you can also go on water slides and buy ice cream. To get here you walk, ride a bike, ride a car or take a commuter train.

Rangsta (Sorunda)

The most popular bath in Sorunda is Grimstaviken by Himmerfjärden. The bay is protected from several wind directions and is a reliable, varm and comfortable. Here you can find both grass and sand plus a small jumping tower. Walk, ride a bike, ride a car or take the bus to get here.

Muskan (ösmo)

Lakes have their own charm. Lake Muskan in Ösmo is a popular resort for those who wants to go for a swim in freshwater. Muskan is surrounded by woodland and is something of a small oasis. Not far from the golf course at Körunda you will find Muskan's best bathing place. Walk, ride a bike, ride a car or take the bus to get here.


Marsta (Stora Vika), Sågviken, the tiny sand beach by NSS (Nynäshamn Yacht Club), first and second Pumpviken (Lövhagen), Valsviken (Järflotta), Hamnviken, Badberget at Fågelgatan, Fjättern, Torö Stenstrand, Ören, Knappelskär, Bredmarsviken on Landsort.

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Nickstabadet. Photo First Camp Camping Nickstabadet

Torö Stenstrand. Photo Johan Gustafsson.


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