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Flying seagull

The wetlands of Östra Styran

Vy över Östra Styran med gräs och vatten och röd-vita trähus i bakgrunden
Vy över Östra styrans våtmark med gräs och vatten

Photos: Eivor Bernas

The 2.5 km-long footpath around the wetlands starts at the Östra Styran bird tower. The path is marked with red posts and streamers, and there are information boards at 10 locations describing what there is to see.

Östra Styran lies a few kilometres west of the centre of Ösmo. The wetlands extend from Djursnäsvägen in the south approx. 3 km northwards to Väggarövägen.

The wetlands are approx. 500 m at their widest point. The landscape surrounding the wetlands comprises arable and pasture land, mixed with groves of deciduous and mixed forest plus smaller areas of ancient woodland.

There are good observation points at the bird tower, as well as from the Byggninga slope just south of the tower, from where there is a view over the southern part of the wetlands area.

The central part of the wetlands area can be reached from the old road which runs parallel to road 225 (Södertäljevägen). The northern part (Styrvik) can be reached from the small road between Södertäljevägen and Väggarövägen. The gravel road now has road barriers, so it is best to park you car and walk.

Birds Östra Styran is an important resting place, particularly during the spring.

Large numbers of greylag geese, Canada geese, Whooper's swan, wood sandpipers, etc. rest here.

Engendered species which can be spotted here include whooper swan, greylag goose, garganey, teal, Northern shoveler, Western marsh harrier, Eurasian hobby, honey buzzard, crane, spotted crake, redshank, long-eared owl and lesser spotted woodpecker. Occasional sightings of little grebe, bitterm, water rail and moorhen.

There are also plenty of warblers, most commonly nightingale, reed warbler and sedge warbler. Less commonly sighted species include: pink-footed goose, white-fronted goose, Montagu's harrier, little crake, great snipe, marsh sandpiper, red-necked phalarope, grasshopper warbler, river warbler, marsh warbler and great reed warbler. The adjoining lake, Västra Styran, has a colony of herons, and during the late autumn goosander and smew also rest here.

The cultural and nature path is a collaboration between Miljö- och
samhällsbyggnadsförvaltningen (the Environmental and Community Planning
Administration) and the Östra Styran Wetlands Association.

More information:
Nynäshamn's ornithology society


Suitable map is the terrain map 595 Nynäshamn, which can be bought at Nynäshamn's Tourist Information Office.

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How to get here by car:
Take road 225 (Södertäljevägen). When you come to Sorunda riding club, turn off along the gravel road across the paddock. There is a signpost on the stable wall, and a car park after approx. 500 m.

How to get here by public transport:
Bus 783 or 858 from Nynäshamn's station or 858 from Ösmo station. Alight at Sorunda ridklubb/Vansta gård 
(riding club). Follow the gravel road on the left of the stable about 700 m until you reach a parking place. Cross the bar on your way to the tower.
Travel time: approx. 30 min.
For timetable, see

More information:
Nynäshamn's ornithologists (in Swedish)

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