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The open horizon is best seen from beautiful Strandvägen in the southern part of Nynäshamn. Strandvägen was built in connection with the Olympic sailing events in 1912 and is now a popular walking area for lovers of the great outdoors.

Strandvägen winds its way forward between cliffs and woodland, offering a wonderful view over the Baltic horizon - one of few places in the county of Stockholm where you can experience this from the mainland. The first gangways along the pebbly beach were built in 1912 to enable the public to watch the Olympic regattas. The area became popular for walking and Strandvägen itself was built shortly afterwards. Today it is popular with cyclists, inline skaters and walkers. There are several spots suitable for bathing, either from the pebble beaches or from the beautiful rocky slopes.

There are several places that are suitable for baths, either from the rocky beaches or from the fine rock outcrops. At Oscarsberget you can see inscriptions by Oscar II and Karl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia. Next to the inscriptions you will find remains from the ice age - a pothole that consists of a circular cavity in solid rock that was eroded by flowing and swirling water with loose particles. On the opposite side you will find a bridge that connects the island Trehörningen to the mainland. On this island you will find Nynäs Havsbad with its spa, hotel and restaurant. You can find contact information in the column to the right. Trehörningen has many beautiful turn of the century villas. Do not forget to make a visit to the old water tower in the woods just off Nynäs Havsbads hotel. From here you can see both the beautiful archipelago of the open sea horizon.

On the mainland, a short walk from the inscriptions, you will find the homestead museum and a restaurant. Continue on the road and you will find Nynäshamns Sailing Club.

Strandvägen continues to Lövhagens café and youth hostel. Swedens longest sports ground - Strandvägen was opened the 22nd of September 2007. Eleven new solid fitness stations are placed along Strandvägen. All equipment's have illustrations that tells you have to use them. You can also find two toilets that are suitable for the disabled.

The sea horizon can be viewed from other places in the municipality but Strandvägen is within walking distance of the suburban train station. Cars are permitted although the greater part of the road is one-way, with entry from the north-eastern side at Nynäshamn Sailing Club.

Pack your picnic basket and head out!

How to get here by walking and bicycle:
The most appealing way is to go down to the fishing harbour, near the train station. Walk along the water and then follow the walkway that runs between the shore and the railway tracks. Go left when you get to the major road and turn immediately left again onto the promenade (the beautiful road Strandvägen). Follow this road past the Sailing Club and continue until you reach Lövhagens leisure activity area. It's approx. 4 km to Lövhagen if you take Strandvägen. If you walk along Hamnviksvägen it's approx. 3 km.

How to get here by car:
Drive road 73 from Stockholm to Nynäshamn. Continue on Järnvägsgatan, past the old yellow station building and the park, pass the bridge over the railway and turn left. Strandvägen continues along the sea to Lövhagen. Strandvägen is a one-way road so on the way back you need to drive on Hamnviksvägen.

How to get to Strandvägen by bus:
There are no buses on Strandvägen, but during the summer you can take bus 783 to Lövhagen and bus 848 from Lövhagen. Keep in mind that the buses have irregular hours to Lövhagen. Other parts of the year it is possible to go by bus 854 from Nynäshamn's station towards Sandhamn (Sjögången). Alight at Oskarsbron.
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