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Want to invite employees, friends, relatives or foreign guests an experience beyond the ordinary? Nynäsgården Hotel and Conference now has the perfect element for your event!

Do not be discouraged by the unbalanced sight, a modern technological solution allows the Segway to balance itself. It is battery operated and requires hardly any entertainment, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Although it can reach a maximum speed of 20 km / h feels the always stable and secure. Easier than a bicycle to maneuver. Discover freedom in this easy maneuver conditioned vehicles that everyone can learn to drive!

Guided tour:
During the summer we offer guided tours with an instructor. Discover Nynäshamn in an exciting and unforgettable way! No prior knowledge is required, you get a 10-20 minute briefing and get to know your Segway with the instructions of the tour leader. The tours are a total of about 60-90 minutes long and costs SEK 375 per person.
Obstacle course:
This activity is perfect for those who want to be introduced to the vehicle in a calm, focused manner, or just want to sharpen up your precision.  Drive through narrow passages and yaw slalom between cones on a path laid out. Maybe you will finish with a relay? Price per person is SEK 595 per person.
Segway Polo:
Nynäsgården Hotel and Conference presents one of the absolutely most startling - Segway Polo. Challenge your friends, relatives or colleagues in this innovative new form of the classic sport. How strong is your competitive spirit? For SEK 595 per person you get to play in 90-120 minutes. All equipment as well as judges and instructors included.


Guided tour: 1-1,5 hours. 4-7 pers. Age required 12, 15 with adult supervision. SEK 375 per person including tax.  

Obstacle course: 1,5-2 hours. SEK 595 per person including tax

Segway Polo: 1,5-2 hours Unlimited amount of players. Max 8 on the field at the same time. Age required 15. SEK 595 per person including tax

For all activities above maximum weight is 110kg. Comfortable shoes without heel is recommended.

How to get here:
Road 73 to Nynäshamn. Follow signs to Nynäsgårdens Konferens och Hotel. Commuter train towards Nynäshamn, get off the train at the station Nynäs Gård. Cross the train tracks and follow the signs to the hotel.

Contact and Booking:
Nynäsgården Hotell och Konferens Telegrafgatan 41
149 41 Nynäshamn
+46 (0)8-520 205 90



Tourist Centre

Fiskargränd, 149 81 Nynäshamn
Phone: +46 8-520 737 00

These are our current opening hours:

Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm, closed for lunch noon - 1 pm

Nynäshamn Ekokommun


Tourist Centre

NYNÄSHAMN VISITOR CENTER Fiskargränd, 149 81 Nynäshamn
Phone: +46 8-520 737 00

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