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Landsort's lighthouse

Landsort lighthouse was built in 1670 and is the oldest preserved lighthouse tower in Sweden which is still in use. Enjoy a pleasant walk from the village to where the lighthouse stands at Öja's southernmost point.

The Dutch merchant Johan van der Hagen was granted the right to build a lighthouse in southern Landsort in 1658 and collect payment from passing vessels. Initially the old wooden beacon was used as a lighthouse, complemented by a coal fire and mirrors. It seems to have been one of the first attempts in Sweden to improve the light from lighthouses using mirrors.
Despite the fact that the King had ordered the building of a stone lighthouse in 1666, building work apparently did not start until the 1670s. After the old beacon burned down, van der Hagen's heirs started building the stone lighthouse tower which stands to this day.
 The wooden beacon which was here before the present lighthouse was mentioned as early as 1644. Even then, it is likely there had already been a beacon at Landsort for some time.
 The site of Sweden's oldest known lighthouse is at Falsterbo, dating back to the 1220s. At that time Falsterbo belonged to Denmark, which started building lighthouses along its shipping channels at an early stage. However, there are no preserved lighthouses predating Landsort.

Landsort lighthouse was originally fired by coal, initially in an iron casket which hung outside the lighthouse itself and later in the centre of the lighthouse. In 1840 the lighthouse was improved with the installation of crude-oil lamps and mirrors.
Landsort lighthouse gained its characteristic appearance as the result of a major conversion in 1870, at which time the upper section of the lighthouse was blasted away and the iron conical top built. Paraffin lamps and a Paris-made lens mechanism were also added. The lighthouse was electrified in 1938 at the same time as the rest of the island.

The lighthouse was privately owned until 1840 when it was taken over by the Crown. Landsort lighthouse was automated in 1963, and the last lighthouse keeper left.
Landsort lighthouse is now owned and operated by the Swedish Maritime Administration. The lighthouse is a state-owned historic building.

Getting here by car: Drive road 73 towards Nynäshamn. Turn off before Nynäshamn at the sign: Nynäshamn Norra (north), Herrhamra. Just after the bridge turn right, sign Torö Herrhamra. Then you will have 20 km left before arriving to Ankarudden. Run as far as the road goes, the road is very narrow.

Parking near the pier.
There are around 100 parking lots, you can not make reservations.
Price: 10 SEK/hour, 60 SEK/day
Payable by: Debit/credit cards and the most common gasoline cards
Owned by: Herrhamra gods (mansion)
Supervised by: P-Service,

Getting here by public transport: Bus 852 from Nynäshamn's station towards Torö, Ankarudden. The buses are adapted to the boat schedule.
For more information go to or call the traffic information
+46 0(8)-600 10 00.

Then the boat to Landsort. For time table visit or call +46 (0)8-600 10 00. One way tickets costs SEK 78 for adults and
SEK 58 for children and youths (age 7-19), students and seniors.
You can pay with cash, credit/debit cards or SL Access cards.

The boat does not take cars. You can only go by bike or walk on the island. Traveltime with the boat: 40 minutes.

Landsort lighthouse is situated on the island´s southern headland.


Guided tour in Landsort's lighthouse

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