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Nature, garden and birds

Nynäshamn is the outdoor lover`s favorite. The surroundings in and around Nynäshamn are varied and beautiful. Since we are in the outer archipelago you can enjoy both pebble beaches and cliffs as well as the deepest coniferous forest. Welcome to experience a special nature.

Photo: Leif Branting

Nature reserves

In Nynäshamns municipality there are as many as 10 nature reserves. The general purpose of a nature reserve is to protect the nature, plants and animals.

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Information about the nature reserves on Nynäshamn`s municipality website
Information about nature reserves on Skärgårdsstiftelsens website
About Käringboda nature reserve on Naturkartan

Nature recreation

The nature at Ahlhagens wetland take care of purified wastewater. At the same time, it has become an exciting, beautiful environment with many birds. At lövhagens nature recreation there are a lot of beautiful places, beaches, walking trails and coves.

+468-520 737 00 (Nynäshamns Besökscenter)
Information about Alhagen on Nynäshamn`s munipality website
Information about nature recreation on Nynäshamn`s munipality website


Photo: Monica Thelin

landsort`s birdstation

Ideal association that takes care of ring marking and research on the island of Landsort for example. The association offers guided tours in connection with ring marking. As well as lectures on bird migration, ring marking and about birds in general.

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Landsorts fågelstation on Facebook

Photo: Eivor Bernas

locations where you can look at birds

There are several bird rooms in the municipality of Nynäshamn. For example landsort, Ören on Torö and Östra Styrans wetland. Of course, the ornithologists in Nynäshamn take care of them!

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Nynäshamn`s ornithologists about the locations where you can look at birds
Nynäshamns ornitologer on Facebook

Gösta`s garden in svandammsparken

The place was a bay that was filled in and then became a park. The south part of the park is where Göstas Trädgård is located. The plants originally come from Gösta Zetterqvist, the man who started the well-known nursery Zetas.

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sunflowers in hoxla, sorunda

When you hear the word "self-pick" most people think of strawberries, but in Sorunda there are self-pick of sunflowers! It is self-service and when you are done you put the money in a cute little mailbox. Usually the sunflowers are ready to be picked in July and August.

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