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There are many caves in Nynäshamn with surroundings. Some are a bit hard to find and explore and some are very easy accessible. When planning an excursion to a cave, there are some things to consider. It often gets wet, messy and dark. Therefore, it is a good idea to wear overalls and a helmet equipped with a headlamp. But most important is: Don't go alone!

Photo: Henrik Trygg/Scandinav Bildbyrå


The cave is located in Lövhagens leisure area at Knappelskärs southern point. It’s an underground cave that permeates 15 meters into the mountain. It is believed have been created by the sea during a span over 500 years (approximately 800-1300 A.D). It’s the biggest cave in Södertörn (and Stockholm County).


Another of Lövhagens caves is located proximately 50 meters north of the branch towards Bötet, that you can find by the walkway between Lövhagen and Knappelskär. It is most likely that the cave have been detracted by the gneiss. The depth is 4 meters and goes down from the triangular opening.


It’s probably the most famous cave that’s located in Lövhagen, located on the right side of Strandvägen close to Kroksundsudden. The cave consists of an 8 meter tall crack, that expands down and have a width of 2 meters. 4 meters long and uses a boulder as a roof, who has wedged.


The cave is located in the leisure area of Lövhagen in a crevice between two mountain heights 25 m to the left of the walkway between Lövhagen and Bötet . A large boulder have slipped over a inclined crack. Where two caves was created. The Upper cleft holds a hall, 10.5 square meters (3.5 x 3 meters). The Lower cleft are a bit less than 5 meters and tend to widen up after a while to become taller.


There are 3 caves in the city of Nynäshamn. One of them are located to the west of Strandvägen close to the seaside resort on the slope down towards Gårdsfjärden. There, within eleven large gneiss blocks have been formed cavities that extend for 10 meters between the blocks.

Flyttblockstunneln vid Stockbonäs

The cave is one of many in the leisure area of Lövhagen in Nynäshamn. It is located 5 kilometers south of the church of Nynäshamn, approximately 200 meters south of the triangular point close to Stockbonäs. Two rounded bowlders layin above a one meter wide crack. A light chess created by an opening between the bowlders are lightning up the tunnel.


This cave consists of two large boulders that are lying in a mess. Aisles have been created between the boulders.


An overgrown road that leads to the northeast 500 meters west of Älgviken's preferred commuter train station will take you to a cave that lies just below the crest of a steep. The cave has a depth of 8 meters. Perfect for families with children who want to go out on a Sunday trip.


At Vårdberget not far from Fituna there is one of Södertörn's largest cairns from the Bronze Age. But the mountain has got its name from the care case, which still stands restored on the top of the cairn. But the road to the rock cave begins at a sign showing "Vårdkase". Go from here 500 meters above the mountain and down to the cliff wall. There, the cave stands at “Sams vägg”. The cave consists of a cavity between blocks and is 4 meters long.


A couple of kilometers south of Häringe slott in Nynäshamn municipality is Fruberget with about 20 caves of different sizes and types. One of the most dramatic cave mountains in the Stockholm area. There are many labyrinthine aisles and is only suitable for the experienced cave explorer.


On the road between Nynäshamn and Torö at Trasthammar close to Fjätternsjön leads a power line south. If you follow the power line approximately 500 meters you’ll find the post “Ä1 446 8”. To the east of the post, approximately 50 meters. The cave is located just behind the top of a mountain. Here too, it is a boulder that covers a gap. The cave has a length of 8 meters and a flat floor.


On the road between Sorunda and Ösmo, 150 meters south of Malmberga, Hålberg`s cave is located. You need to follow a gravelled road 800 meters to a smaller parking lot. A path going south-east leads up to the cave, or rather the caves. In a large pile of boulders there is a huge block. From the north and south caves lead in. The total length of the caves is 19 meters.

Photo: Kenneth Kollberg

THE CAVE AT Dragets Kanal

The cave stands to discover about 100 meters east of the southern mouth of the Dragets Canal, which separates the Järflottlandet from Järflotta. It is located in Järflotta Nature Reserve. High up on the mountain, a large and rounded block pictures the ceiling on a deep gorge. The cave is just over 3 meters wide and 1.4 meters high.


At Bokholmen, located 6 kilometers southwest of Nynäshamn's church, 750 meters southeast of Rossa Gård is an interesting cave. A large block is leaning towards the mountain. Below the block is a spacious hall with a flat floor. The floor is alleged to have been levelled out by Russian sailors in connection with Russian ravages in the Stockholm archipelago in the early 18th century.


There is a crack cave at Järflotta, about 200 meters northeast of the pond Ören. An inclined crack has been subjected to erosion at the bottom which has given rise to a tunnel that is approximately one meter wide. The cave goes through gneiss and has smooth walls.


To the west of Hemfosa at the small lake Lövsjön there is a mountain 500 meters southwest of Pettersberg's scout cottage. The western and southwestern parts of the mountain have cracked and formed a maze of roofless gorges and caves. The largest gap has a length of 22 meters and a height of 8 meters. There is also the largest cave, just over 6 meters long and 3 meters high. Another cave of about the same length has been found. In addition, there is a small cave 3 meters long in the area. It is a wild and exciting area.


The second cave is found at Sandhamnsvägen, opposite the townhouse with the number 56. Several blocks have been wedged into a gorge. One of the blocks covers a cavity that is 1 meter high and 3 x 4 meters large. The cave is a popular playground.


Hålbergs grotta (cave) is located on the road between Sorunda and Ösmo, 150 meter south of Malmberga. It is important to follow a dirt road 800 meters to a smaller parking lot. A path goes to the southeast leads up to a height to the cave, or rather the caves. In a large pile of blocks lies a huge block. From north to south caves enter. The total length of the cavities is 19 meters.


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