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Without your own boat

Even if you don´t have your own boat, it's easy to access the archipelago. The company Waxholmsbolaget has regular sailings throughout the year from Nynäshamn. Landsort, Nåttarö and Ålö are the most popular destinations that it services. Many people feel that Stora sand on Nåttarö is one of the most beautiful sandy beaches in the archipelago. It's actually the same sand as on Gotska Sandön.

At Båtshaket, a restaurant on Ålö, you can enjoy delicacies from the archipelago in a genuine setting, outside or inside. Landsort lighthouse is possibly the foremost icon of the southern archipelago. Here is the timetable. On the M/F Flora you can get to the area around Nynäshamn, and the day trip to Trosa is very popular. More info here.

In summer you can also sign on to a fishing boat, to experience the work of a fisherman. Click here for more info. The boat to Gotska Sandön departs from the fishing port throughout the summer. The timetable is here. Of course you can catch a fish, especially if you go with Fiskeguiderna. Book here.


Without a boat

The beautiful Knappelskär peninsula at the end of Lövhagen nature reserve can be reached on foot or by bicycle. Järflottaland and the coves at Rassa vikar are accessible by water, as well as car and bicycle. In Drottningviken off Strandvägen (also called Ringvägen locally) there is a snorkelling route.

At Ankarudden, where the Landsort boat departs from, is the ambitious Sjöbodarna restaurant. Nickstabadet with the 10-metre tower, an ice cream stand and water slide is accessible by car or train.

In the fishing port is Rökeriet, the smokehouse where you can purchase delicacies from the archipelago. Not far from the fishing port, on Frejas Holme, is the playground with Pippi Longstocking´s Hoppetossan ship — an eldorado for active children.

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Tourist Centre

Fiskargränd, 149 81 Nynäshamn
Phone: +46 8-520 737 00

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