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Seal and eagle safari

Uninterrupted horizon and no other company than white-tailed eagles, seals and seabirds. A safari on a sailboat in the most outer regions of the archipelago is an absolute must for anyone interested in archipelagos.

It's a crisp, clear late summer day. There are still some sailboats by the waterfront steps in the fishing port, and delicious aromas are coming from the smokehouse. The water is calm when we leave the marina and Trehörningsviken Bay. Far out to sea the fog is like a ring wall around Gotland.

Like ghost ships the huge ferries slowly emerge from the sea mists. A pale blue sky, a band of grey and a deep blue sea. Our boat rocks gently on the easterly swell, en route to the last of the islets, Roxen and Yttre Karvasen. The droppings of razor-billed auks colour the top of the rocks on Altarskär. In the west we see the lighthouse at Landsort. There´s no wildlife at Gunnarstenarna so Bosse, our captain and guide, steers his boat, Courage 65, southward. We spot two white-tailed eagles on the top of two rocky islets. The welcoming committee at Roxen consists of curious grey seals. We count thirty individuals, quite relaxed about being observed.

On the cairn at Yttre Karvasen we see two white-tailed eagles, probably the same two we saw fly away earlier.

We get a good look at a few more seals, before wolfing down our food. The trip home is a bit slower, as the wind drops and the mist envelops us south of Järflotta Island. Further north and above land, the skies are clear. The fog abates as we pass the spa on Trehörningen. The last signs of summer are giving way to autumn. At sea there is only our Courage 65. And the seals.

You can book Skipper Bosse Ericsson and his Courage IV on +46 (0)70-572 19 17 or


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