Visit Nynäshamn

Sailing through?

Here are five great spots to visit, close to Nynäshamn. Have you only got one day for sailing in the Nynäshamn Archipelago? No problem. You´ll still have time to see a few superb sites.


1. Lacka.

The Sailing Club´s own island. A meeting place for club members, but many others as well. There is fresh water, toilets, jetty, buoys and a pavilion. As well as tables and benches - a bonus for families with children.

2. Östermarsfladen

(Nåttarö). The very best location to tie up is the northern end of the eastern point of the island. Especially in late August, when there are fewer visitors but the water is still sufficiently warm. One of the most beautiful walks in the archipelago is on the east side of the island, from the cliffs at the northern tip down to Stora Sand. A restaurant and shop are within walking distance.

3. Lindskär (behind Bedarön).

Not far from Nynäshamn. You set out at half past four, make a couple of tacks and you're there. Winds are usually southerly, so you glide into the strait between Lindskär and Bedarö. Tack upwind, drop the anchor and enjoy the evening sun. Cook some dinner and relax. Around 10:30 you can either sail or motor home. It's a short tour but a big experience.

4. Skutviken

(Rånö). You get a good sail to a well-sheltered spot for the night. There are also excellent walks. You can trek right around the islands of Rånö and Norrö. Buy an ice cream in the shop or have a good dinner at the restaurant.

5. Coves of Rassa vikar.

A perfect place to go ashore in springtime. You´re protected from almost every wind direction. Beautiful countryside, and when the Adam and Eve orchid is blooming in the meadows near the water it seems very exotic. Plus you get to pass through Dragets channel, which is quite an experience.




Nynäshamns turistbyrå


Tourist Centre

NYNÄSHAMN VISITOR CENTER Fiskargränd, 149 81 Nynäshamn
Phone: +46 8-520 737 00

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Tourist Centre

Fiskargränd, 149 81 Nynäshamn
Phone: +46 8-520 737 00

These are our current opening hours:
Monday - Sunday 9 am - 5 pm, closed for lunch noon - 1 pm
Saturday the 28th of April the office will be open 10 am - 5 pm, closed for lunch noon - 1 pm.
Walpurgis Night, open as usual.
From May 1st, open every day 9 am - 6 pm.

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