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(island on east side of Järflotta)

The rocks are magnificent and the sea is rarely calm out here. But in summer when a high pressure zone has stabilized and the cumulus clouds are gathering above the land, there is no better place for a swim than the rocks on the outside of Skvallerhamn. You need your own boat.


by Drottningviken and Strandvägen

The area around Drottningviken (Queen´s Bay) and along the waterfront road of Strandvägen is like a piece of the beautiful archipelago transported to the mainland. You walk over the smooth, undulating rock surfaces, to find your own little corner for sunbathing. The water isn´t exactly the warmest in the district but the view of uninterrupted horizon makes up for that.

Rassa vikar

The water is always warmest at Rassa. The shallow, irregular coves are perfect if you prefer swimming in warm water. Here the water is protected from wind and waves, so in summer the temperature is often at least three degrees higher than in the outer archipelago. And as a bonus, the high rocky cliffs are perfect for jumping. To get here you need a boat or a car.

Picklahej (Sandskär on the marine chart)

Outer or inner archipelago, rocks or sandy beach? You can take your pick at Picklahej, or Sandskär as this little island is called on the marine chart. The fact that you can wade over to Järflotta, the huge neighbouring island, makes Pickla tough to beat. Access requires a boat.


If you like an audience when you jump from the 10-metre tower, or if you want people to admire your suntan, you should visit Nickstabadet in Nynäshamn, a swimming spot just a stone´s throw from the commuter train stations Gröndalsviken and Nynäs Gård. Nicksta is Nynäshamn's answer to Copacabana, Venice Beach and Waikiki Beach. And you can also rent a kajak, ride the water slide or buy an ice cream. You can get there on foot, by bike, car or public transport.


Rangstabadet at Himmerfjärden is Sorunda's most popular swimming spot. The bay is protected from the wind from most directions and it's a reliable, warm cove. There´s a lawn, sand, and a small tower. Access is on foot, by bike, car or bus.


Lakes have their own special charm. Lake Muskan in Ösmo is popular for lovers of fresh water. With its forested setting, it's a bit of an oasis. Not far from the Körunda golf course you´ll find the lake´s best swimming spot. Access is on foot, by bike, car or bus.

Other favourites:

Marsta (Stora Vika), Sågviken, the tiny sandy beach at the Nynäshamn Sailing Club, first and second Pumpviken (Lövhagen), Valsviken (Järflotta), Hamnviken, the swimming rocks at Fågelgatan, Fjättern, Torö Stenstrand, Ören, Knappelskär, Bredmarsviken on Landsort.

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