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Landsort an attraction year round

The Landsort Lighthouse is one of Nynäshamn's most prominent symbols. And the island, which is also called Öja, is one of the prettiest spots in the archipelago. Summer is the obvious high season, but more people are discovering the island´s year-round attractions. We have enjoyed the island in both summer and winter. For your sake.

The summer heat has made its way right out to the end of the archipelago. It doesn't happen often, but today the water temperature has climbed a bit past the 20 degree mark. Perhaps it's a highly localized benefit of global warming. There are no comfortable sandy beaches on Landsort but we can enjoy our swims from the rocky coastline below the lighthouse. It's an exciting, barren formation at the southern end of the Stockholm Archipelago. And it doesn't get more gently dramatic than this. Additionally, every summer there is a sculpture exhibition in this understated location. Artworks, some like UFOs that have just landed here, others that blend perfectly with the barren surroundings. It's a fascinating, dynamic contradiction.

But for most people, the attraction of Landsort is the lighthouse. It's the oldest lighthouse on Swedish territory. We are drawn back to this installation, which for centuries has spread security here. We investigate the rocky landscape and have another swim. The sea grows calm. A lone sailboat moves slowly over the water, heading north. A couple of black-backed gulls squabble outside a cove. We return to our bed and breakfast, before having dinner at the restaurant next door.

A bit later we are sitting on the seventh floor of the old pilot´s look-out tower, enjoying a drink while the sun goes down out at sea. The lighthouse´s beam sweeps across the island. The memory of the zander fillet we ate down in the restaurant may be fading, but summer is still present in all its glory here at the edge of the archipelago, the last outpost of civilization. In the distance, boats from all over the globe sail to and from Stockholm. Tonight the sea is calm, but as we all know, it always has an air of unpredictability. No matter what the meteorologists say today, tomorrow we could just as well be faced with howling storms. All we know for sure about the sea is that we actually know very little.

Landsort is actually the name of the pilot station on the island of Öja, but most people say Landsort when referring to the lighthouse, the village of Storhamn and the island itself. The island is about 700 metres wide and five kilometres long. No one knows for certain when the first light beacon burned on Landsort, but there is written evidence from 1454.

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