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Sun-worshipping Simon

Vy mot Landsorts södra udde och fyren

Simon loves to sunbathe, whether on the beach after a dip in the sea or on the curved rock ledge along Strandvägen on a winter’s day.
He worships his five different weather apps, and if there is the slightest chance of sun, Simon packs his bag, puts the little ones on the cycle and heads out. One day they might build sand castles at Nickstabadet, another it might be a boat trip – with Simon and the kids occupying the sun deck, of course. On fine evenings, you will find Simon on the piers at the Fishing Harbour, always with an ice cream in hand.

Day 1 
Today’s the day to kick back on the beach at Nickstabadet. Swim, build a sand castle and hire a canoe or paddle boat.
Then it’s off to lunch at Grodans Terrass before the kids try out the water slide and diving platform.

You will enjoy dinner in the evening sun on the Freja floating restaurant in the Fishing Harbour before going out to Frejas Holme, where the kids will be delighted to discover the Hoppetossa – a play ship!

Once you’re back at Nickstabadet's Camping, you’ll sleep well in the cabin you have hired.

Day 2
You’ll spend the morning at the Fishing Harbour, where you will wander around, look at the boats and eat way too much ice cream from Hamnbodarna – the Harbour Stalls – in the sun on the pier.

After lunch at the Rotundan restaurant, you’ll take a tour on the Synapsen. You relax in the sun on deck and go ashore here and there for a refreshing swim.

Day 3
Take a walk along Strandvägen and bask in the sun, the salt air, the beauty of nature and the stunning view of the open horizon.

Once you arrive at the Lövhagen outdoor recreation area, enjoy lunch at Lövhagens Café before toddling off through the woods to Knappelskär for a delightful swim and relaxation on the sun-warmed boulders.

Afterwards, take the evening boat to the island of Nåttarö for a few more halcyon days of swimming and outdoor experiences.

Have dinner at Nåttarö Restaurant before ending the evening in the cabin you’ve rented at Nåttarö Gård and Resort.

Winter days
On a sunny winter day, put on your skis and hit the trails on the snow-covered golf course at Nynäshamn Golf Club. Afterwards, a hot cup of cocoa, wrapped in a rug to enjoy the sun on the deck at the Körunda Hotel, really hits the spot.

You stay for a delicious dinner before luxuriating in the comfortable beds and generous breakfast buffet.ärgårdscafet-1573186152968955/

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