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Vy mot Landsorts södra udde och fyren

Stand Stand-up comedy, the cinema, bowling and a glass of the local beer – that’s what gets Peter going. Wherever things are happening, he is there. Along with everyone else. Because Peter is the guy who always makes people happy and is pals with almost everybody. Peter never misses a gig, a pub quiz or a concert. He’s in the front row in the audience, the first to arrive at the art show and – without a doubt – Peter is the karaoke king of Nynäshamn!

Day 1
You hang out in Svandammsparken where you have a picnic with friends and play boule with some folks that arrived to the guest harbour by boat.

In the evening it's time for a concert and you are of course standing at the front of the stage!

Day 2
You hang out at the Fishing Harbour, which is teeming with sailors and spectators, because there is yet another regatta going on.

You dig a jazz gig and the street party on the pier before it’s time to visit beautiful Sorunda Church for a concert by a well-known Swedish performer.

Day 3
Today, there's a market in central Nynäshamn and of course you are there, shopping, people- watching and eating your way from one food van to the next.

In the evening, you dither forever between live music at Ankaret Bar and Bistro or stand-up comedy at the community centre (Folkets Hus).

You can't make up your mind and finally end up going to the Kroken restaurant in the Fishing Harbour, where there is a wine-tasting event tonight.

Winter days
You see an early film showing at the cinema in the community centre and eat dinner at Sushi and Wok in the town centre.

Afterwards, it's time to make your way to Nynäs Bowling: it's Disco Bowling Night and the alley is full of happy people.

After winning the prize, you slip into Eight Friends Inn at Nynäshamn Station for a pub quiz and live music.

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Tourist Centre

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