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Interested Ian

Vy mot Landsorts södra udde och fyren

Ian wants to see and learn, and collect anecdotes, when he has time off. He is not interested in hanging out by the pool, but is happiest in the tranquillity of a museum or at an art show. He has seen more rune stones than you can imagine, gone on many walking tours and admired church paintings. Ian’s joy of discovery reaches its peak at the top of the Landsort Lighthouse when he spots sea eagles soaring above the ocean. Quite simply, Ian is interested in everything. 

Day 1
Take the bus from Sandtorp to Ankarudden on Torö. The Waxholmsbolaget tour boat sails from here to Landsort, the southernmost outpost of the Stockholm archipelago. Walk towards the southernmost tip of the island and up to the island’s famous and beautiful landmark, the Landsort Lighthouse. Take a guided tour of the lighthouse and be amazed by the stunning view. Afterwards, amble through the village to Västerhamn, where you have lunch on the pier at Saltboden. Walk a bit further north and peek into Sjöprickens pottery studio and shop before visiting the little chapel.

You won’t want to miss the beautiful sculptures placed here and there in the landscape around the island. Continue up to the bird station and see how birds are banded before enjoying dinner at Svedtiljas restaurant. After an eventful day, you are sure to sleep well in one of the cabins at Sjöbloms in Norrhamn, at the Landsort Hostel in the village or one of the rooms in the former pilot’s lookout tower.

Day 2
Wake up to what might be the most beautiful view in the archipelago! After breakfast, enjoy a beautiful walk to the northern part of the island and take a guided tour of the Landsort Battery, an underground military bunker from the days of the Cold War. Take the boat back to Torö and have lunch at the Sjöboden restaurant before heading north. Take a guided tour with Kerstins Taxi. The highlights include a drive down the “Rune Stone Way” while hearing all about local history. After a visit to Sorunda Church, look into the “Poorhouse” and learn more about the Sorunda district, with its long history and traditions. Day

Day 3
You wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep at Skärgårdshotellet in central Nynäshamn. After breakfast, visit the old houses and exhibitions at Nynäshamns Hembygdsgård, the local history centre, and enjoy lunch in their restaurant.

In the afternoon, it's time to go on a walking tour of Nynäshamn, guided by Lennart Thunqvist of Tostes Historiska Resor (Toste’s Historical Trips).

Before dinner at Restaurant Rim Nam Thaifood on Nynäsvägen in central of Nynäshamn, you will have enough time to visit an art show at Nynäshamns Konsthall in the community centre, Folkets Hus.

Another day
Start by admiring the paintings shown at the art gallery, Konstpoolen Konsthall. Afterwards, go one flight downstairs to visit Mopedum - The Swedish Nostalgia Museum, where you wander around the staged settings and artefacts and dream your way back into the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Now it’s time to break for lunch at MGL Sushi before leaving to visit the Nynäshamn Railway Museum, where you can see steam engines, railway wagons and artefacts from the history of rail.

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