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Vy mot Landsorts södra udde och fyren

Doris loves flavour. Especially flavours from Nynäshamn. Nothing beats smoked prawns, meat dry-aged for tenderness, hand-tied sausages or honey from archipelago bees. Doris loves to indulge in fine chocolates, buy fresh baked goods and go to beer tasting events. Otherwise, you will find her in the midst of the crowd at an outdoor café, where she collects new taste sensations and enjoys herself until the sun goes down.

Day 1
The day starts with breakfast at Skärgårdshotellet. After that, you browse among the smoked delicacies, prawns, fresh fish, cheese and other delicious things in the shop at the smokery, Nynäs Rökeri, in the Fishing Harbour. After a little shopping in Hamnbodarna, the Harbour Stalls, you enjoy an “Archipelago Plate” at Nynäs Rökeri's own eatery, Kökeriet. The afternoon is spent with the gang at the local microbrewery, Nynäshamns Ångbryggeri, where you go on a guided tour and sample their craft beers while enjoying a brewery platter in the showcase pub. In the evening, you will enjoy a pleasant dinner with the Ljung family at the Kroken restaurant in the Fishing Harbour.

Day 2
After the fabulous breakfast buffet at Nynäsgårdens Hotel, where you stayed last night, you slip away to Ösmo Plant Shop. You are sure to find lots of must-haves here, from plants to home décor, before enjoying lunch in Växthuscaféet (the Greenhouse Café). After the lunch, you take an afternoon trip out to the charming Torö Lanthandel (country store). On the way home, you stop in to buy goodies at the smokery, Tottnäs Rökeri, and make a detour to Djursnäs viltbod (shop selling wild game-meat) before a three-course dinner at Nynäs Havsbad, which starts with a visit to their rosé bar.

Day 3
The morning is spent shopping for local delights such as honey from Herrö, sausage from Sorunda Korvfabrik and cheese from the farm dairy, Sanda Gårdsmejeri. Afterwards, a vegetarian lunch buffet in the garden of the Ärlan restaurant is sure to please. In the afternoon, you indulge in Nobel chocolates made by chocolatier and baker Louise at Chokladhuset. You have a burger and a beer for dinner at Bar and Burgers in the town centre.

A day at Christmastime
You spend half the day perusing the incredibly long list of Christmas smorgasbords in Nynäshamn. Unable to decide, you end up booking up every weekend in December to make the rounds! The varieties on offer include classic and modern, wild game and seafood, organic and fresh-smoked, a bit of luxury and familiarly Italian. And naturally, all the local delicacies will be represented. Eat, drink and be merry!ärgårdscafet-1573186152968955/

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Tourist Centre

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